Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last month I assembled my timeline for the things to do leading up to the big day. Well, this month (June) I am supposed to:

contact florist for bouquets & boutonnieres (Belle Bouquet – July 1 @ 5pm)
pick first dance song
research and choose caterer
get invites printed

I've made a florist appointment. I guess I'll call tomorrow to make some more appointments with other florists? I'm just indifferent when it comes to flowers. I know I want orange flowers that are full and fluffy. But, I also don't want to pay much for them. When planning for October I was just going to make my own bouquets. But, I think March might be a bit harder. Things may start to bloom mid-March...but, weather can be unpredictable. So, I think the bouquets are best left in the hands of a professional. I'll still try to do the potted plant centerpieces on my own.

First dance song - I cannot figure out what to choose! Here are the choices:
Jewel – Angel Standing By
Jewel – Jupiter
Jewel - Absence of Fear
Jane Monheit & Michael Buble – I Won’t Dance
Michael Buble - Moondance
Faith Hill – Breathe
Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
Norah Jones – The Nearness of You
Frank Sinatra – Cheek to Cheek
None of them jump out at me. Matt and I both love music - but we don't have "our song". He seems to have no opinion on the matter. How do I decide? Maybe another song will come along that is "it". I'd love to do a choreographed dance but I don't just have two left's more like I have no feet!

Caterer - I've contacted about 5...heard from a few. I don't think I like Stapleton anymore. No real reason...I've just decided I don't want a whole pig. I'm still in love with Dreamland BBQ and may choose them if no one else works out. If I do, I'll probably wait until closer to the wedding to meet with them for details since they seem to be a little unorganized (the manager mentioned they don't have a 2010 calendar yet).

Invites - They're ready to be sent to the printer. I just haven't done it yet because I feel like it's too soon!

As you can see, I could wait for most of this stuff. I placed these items in June's to-do so I'd have SOMETHING to do! It's wedding season and I have the itch! What else should I be doing? I'm a little over 9 months out. Since moving the wedding from October - I've had to slow my roll (yea, I have a roll!). All of my checklists are checked!

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