Sunday, June 7, 2009


Flowers are probably the next thing I'll tackle (and they're something I've been sort-of avoiding). I feel like I'm a little scattered! I'm trying to stay away from the rusty/burnt autumn orange and lean towards the spring oranges and maybe throw in some other colors? I can use colors that aren't anywhere else in the wedding, right? I'm sure there are rules I should be following! ;)
Here's a picture of the flowers on my invite that I'd like to use for color inspiration:

side note - My invites were designed by Kimi from She's so nice and easy to work with! I love love love my invites and can't wait to see them printed!
Here are some bouquets I've saved from around the web over the last year (if they're yours...let me know and I'll give credit!):

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  1. Totally loving that you are going to use your invitation flowers to inspire your real flowers. And, they're gorgeous colors. Love it!