Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just attended a friend of a friend's wedding. I was looking forward to attending my first wedding since the start of planning my own. Afterwards, I definitely recommend that brides-to-be attend as many weddings as possible!

The wedding was a more traditional wedding with over 250 guests! There was a Catholic ceremony with a reception also at the church. It wasn't a rec hall but more of a building with lots of rooms. Two of the rooms had hors d'oeuvres, one had the bar, one had tables for guests, and in the middle hallway room is where lines formed and they had the guestbook. Outside there was a tent with the DJ playing pop/dance music and another bar. Her flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces were hydrangeas in white and purple. The bridesmaids wore floor length, strapless lavender dresses. It was a pretty evening. But, it just wasn't me...which is good because it wasn't my wedding!

All in all, the whole event made me realize that I love every choice I've made so far...except one. I'm now not sure about Tyner's Catering (they catered the reception). They are LOVELY people and the food was fine. But, I really want something memorable/different...and I want to FEED people (I think I get that from my mom)! I want to choose a caterer that will also help have a casual feeling. So, what about Dreamland Barbecue ( I love their pulled chicken! And, I know, I know...barbecue in a white dress?! But, I'm really a clean eater...and I don't love barbecue sauce. They also provide bibs with their catering...that would make some cute pictures! :)

I'm going to do some research over the next few weeks. If you know me, you know I live for researching wedding vendors right now. So, I'm kind of glad I get to look for a new caterer! Sick, right? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


I just realized I never posted about our photographer! We started our adventure with a new local photographer that was giving us a GREAT deal to help build her portfolio. However, after our engagement photos, we just weren't completely happy for various reasons (personality, professionalism, editing skills, etc). I spoke with my my mom and moh about it - and they both agreed that we should stretch the budget and look for a new photographer. I love wedding photos and had put photography near the top of my priority list. After re-evaluating the budget..and adding a little, I contacted my favorite wedding photographer that I've lusted after since meeting the pair at a wedding show. We were able to fit everything I wanted in to my new budget - and the contract is signed! Our wedding new photographers are the husband and wife team of Robinson Studio & Design ( I know Bill & Jaclyn will do an amazing job capturing our day! We hope to have another engagement session around September/October...hopefully I'll find some great outfits, an amazing location, and maybe even shed some pounds by then (a girl can dream)! Here are a few photos from our session with the first photographer:

wedding board

Okay so I'm a horrible blogger already! I thought that might happen. I just get caught up reading all the "real" wedding blogs that I adore!

Last night I assembled a board for my wedding! I've done a few - they really help me see things come together. I like how it looks thus far. Matt thinks it's still a little too "autumn" for March. But, oh well - here's the board:

It's interesting to see the progression from my first wedding board. I made the layout before even beginning the planning process. A lot of ideas have changed since the start - but overall a warm, welcoming feel has remained constant.

First ever wedding board:

And there you have it! I can't wait to see if the evening comes close to my inspirations!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the gist


Our ceremony and reception will be held at the Five Rivers Delta Resource Center in Spanish Fort, Alabama ( At six in the evening the ceremony will take place on the pier with our guests along the deck watching over. We will have wireless mics so everyone can hear our vows. After a short (but sweet!) ceremony, everyone will head inside for a casual reception with seasonal hors d'oeuvres and light music. If it's cold enough, we'll have a fire going! I'm really putting a lot of work into the details, so I hope everyone loves it!


The event will be catered by Tyner's Catering ( They will be preparing some delicious gumbo, yummy cajun turkey, and scrumptious twice baked potatoes, along with many other treats for our guests. They have been a PLEASURE to work with!


Okay, Terrence Howard and Eva Longoria Parker aren't my DJs...but it's close! My music & more team is Jason and Torrie of Southern Sounds DJ Entertainment & Design ( They're amazing! They make a great team and their attention to detail has already helped me with some logistic issues I didn't even know I had (ie - how to get the bride TO the aisle)! They will not only be providing the music for the evening, but also all the lighting to create the ideal ambiance! Matt and I clicked with them on our first meeting! I know everyone that attends the reception will LOVE them!


The bridesmaids will be wearing knee-length brown dresses along with a jacket to keep off the chill (remember, it WILL be chilly *crosses fingers*). The dresses have a nice beaded waist and the jackets have a matching beaded collar. The dresses were a STEAL at about $60 each!


Tada, this is my first time putting my dress out for all to see (except Matt...he will not find out about this blog). The picture is of me in the smaller size than the one I have. So, don't worry, I'll be able to breathe! I never imagined myself in a strapless dress. I had tons of pictures of nice ivory dresses that are off the shoulder, and a few halter. But, after trying many on, I kept coming back to this dress. I actually didn't like it at all the first time I tried it on! I also ordered a lace bolero custom made by Angelika at Etsy ( She is so sweet and has beautiful work for a bargain! I'll post more pics as soon as I get some of the bolero and dress together.

Those are all the details set in stone thus far. I can't wait to finish planning and see it all come together!

my new blog

I plan to use this blog to hash out all the wedding jargon that swims around in my head from day to day. Since I've moved my wedding from October to March - I'm ahead on my planning. I now have an extra 4-6 months (depending on how you count - I like to not include the current month or the month of when I'm counting down to the wedding!). You'd think being ahead would be a good thing. But, so far it's just made me reconsider EVERY detail I've already planned. Now that I have time, and possibly more budget, should I change the location? The day of the week (we'd chosen Thursday for budget reasons as well as college football that happens every Saturday in the fall)? What about my autumn toned March?! Needless to say, I have a lot to figure out between now and March.

I'm pretty sure I'll stick with my colors. I've already purchased fall foliage, wreaths, mini pine cones, gold balls to put in glass jars, chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses, amber votives, had the invites get the idea, I have a lot in place! I have toyed with the idea of adding to the scheme. It was just a rust orange, gold tones, and a deep brown. What if I added plum or navy? I've tried to look for inspiration around the web with no luck at all. I'm really just going for a warm, inviting, elegant evening. I hope it's a little chilly in mid March!

We're going to keep Thursday too. Since seeing the advantages of Thursday pricing, I couldn't bear to pay for a Saturday wedding! If there's a budget surplus, we'll just have to put it elsewhere - or save it!