Monday, May 25, 2009


I just realized I never posted about our photographer! We started our adventure with a new local photographer that was giving us a GREAT deal to help build her portfolio. However, after our engagement photos, we just weren't completely happy for various reasons (personality, professionalism, editing skills, etc). I spoke with my my mom and moh about it - and they both agreed that we should stretch the budget and look for a new photographer. I love wedding photos and had put photography near the top of my priority list. After re-evaluating the budget..and adding a little, I contacted my favorite wedding photographer that I've lusted after since meeting the pair at a wedding show. We were able to fit everything I wanted in to my new budget - and the contract is signed! Our wedding new photographers are the husband and wife team of Robinson Studio & Design ( I know Bill & Jaclyn will do an amazing job capturing our day! We hope to have another engagement session around September/October...hopefully I'll find some great outfits, an amazing location, and maybe even shed some pounds by then (a girl can dream)! Here are a few photos from our session with the first photographer:

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