Tuesday, July 28, 2009

flower board

I met with a florist last week without all my ducks in a row. It wasn't fun! I find myself getting swayed in to things I don't care for and I don't know why! The estimate she gave was for 10 centerpieces, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 bride bouquet, 2 corsages, 9 bouts, and some filler flowers for cake/buffett cables. The quote was probably reasonable but still over my budget.

I made another meeting with a highly recommended florist across the bay for next week. I'm ready with a flower board for this one! I have scoured the internet for inspiration (and I've seriously lost sleep to do it)! But, alas, I now know exactly what I want at our wedding...and here it is:
Now I just need to find a florist that will do all that for my budget! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

re-vamped wedding board

Making a wedding board is my therapy! I love to see all my ideas come together.

I'm still drifting further from the "autumn" colors. I wonder if I'll sway back when fall arrives. I hope not because by then it will be too late to change all my plans! :) But, since the tones are changing - that means I now have lots of fall foliage, pinecones, wreaths, etc that aren't going to be used. I'd love to post them for sale somewhere and perhaps help a fall bride because I'm sure those items are hard to find right now. I think I'll put them on WeddingBee Classifieds in the next week or so.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

fickle for sure

Yea...I suppose I chose the right blog name. I'm in the midst of changing my mind again! Originally I planned on having potted mums at my fall wedding as centerpieces. Now I'm considering a few stems in mason jars. I already have lots of mason jars at home and some more I recently lent to a friend for her reception. If I do mason jars, I'll do white linens with burlap runners - quite the opposite of the chocolate pintuck linens that were a must only a week ago. Perhaps a long engagement is not best for me...there's way to much time to think! Anywho - here are some pics I found on weddingbeecom from Mrs. Cherry Pie that I ADORE!